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Due's presentations are often viewed by attendees as one of the most compelling and memorable sessions in any conference or summit.  

Four of our most popular keynotes


A Mind-Hacker's Guide to Deconstructing and Navigating Unconscious Bias and Fostering Inclusion 

Learn how neural mechanisms underlie unconscious bias and identify patterns for “universal” biases that are hard-wired into the human brain. This interactive presentation provides a mindfulness-based framework to deconstruct biases and activate neural pathways that enable you to more effectively engage with people whose perspectives and backgrounds may be very different from your own.

Due helps executives, managers, young professionals, as well as educators and college students understand the effects of dominant culture, stereotypes, social scripts, and intersectionality on career progression and also shares how to apply insights from neuroscience and mindfulness to address and neutralize these effects.


A Mind-Hacker's Guide to Mindfulness, Self-Mastery, and Being an Inspiring Leader

Mindfulness has become a big buzzword as a growing number of executives from leading companies, such as Apple, Google, Salesforce, and Aetna, extol the benefits of mindfulness for reducing stress, sharpening focus and clarity, improving emotional intelligence, and enhancing innovation. But what exactly is mindfulness and can it really make a difference in your life?


During this talk, Due will demystify mindfulness through a series of fun and easy exercises and use insights from neuroscience to shed light on the experience of mindfulness. She shares a practical approach to examine how your mind works, direct your own brain development, and break free of mindless patterns that keep you from realizing your full potential.


A Mind-Hacker’s Guide to Leadership in Times of Crisis 

This experiential presentation sheds light on the impact of stress and adversity on the brain and provides exercises that leaders can use to proactively steer brain development to enhance resilience, agility, and clarity so they can handle crises more effectively.


Participants will learn how three primary patterns of brain activation affect how people feel, think, act, and make decisions and how to use mindfulness practices to optimize brain functioning and harness their inner wisdom and strength to face even the toughest of challenges. 


A Mind-Hacker's Guide to Calming Anxiety

In this very personal talk, Due shares about how she learned to manage crippling anxiety and panic attacks as a first-generation college student at one of the most elitist and high-pressure campuses, Harvard University. Due will also walk through techniques she has found most helpful and effective in soothing her anxious brain.

Participants will learn how to recognize the physical, mental and emotional patterns and mechanisms that contribute to anxiety and how to use a toolkit of science-based exercises to counteract these patterns and mechanisms.  



"Due Quach provides a compelling and thought-provoking approach that enables leaders and their teams to gain a better understanding of what is happening inside the mind. Her engaging manner and personal story grab a hold of you. The big takeaway is a framework that can easily lead to greater understanding and success in personal interactions."

—Bernard Dagenais, President & CEO, The  Main Line Chamber of Commerce

"My senior executives and I found Due’s mindful leadership training very inspirational. Her powerful personal story touched all of us, and her faithfulness to the science impressed a very tough crowd, including the past president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists."  

—Robert Kreider, Retired President & CEO, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

"Due taught us that it's normal to have your mind bounce and wander and how to tame that. I really benefited from the meditation and in such a short amount of time, I went from agonizing to peaceful! I really, really loved it!"

—Donna Nicholson Stief, Executive Director, CCO Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc; Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association, President

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