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Unleash the power of Brain 3.0 to instill a high-performing culture of excellence that is sustainable and aligned with your organization’s vision, mission, and values.


The case for shifting into Brain 3.0

Why does shifting your organization out of Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 into Brain 3.0 matter?


What does the shift involve?

How can the Calm Clarity Leadership Program improve your organization's performance? 


Why does shifting your organization into Brain 3.0 matter?

Conventional incentive systems work by using carrots and sticks which trigger and activate Brain 2.0 and Brain 1.0. This also causes people to behave mindlessly in ways that can undermine your organization’s long-term goals and overall vision and mission. Furthermore, many organizations operating in Brain 1.0/2.0 get bogged down by politics, tension, and turnover. 

To transcend this pattern, organizations must nurture Brain 3.0 to foster intrinsic motivation and collaboration. Organizations operating in Brain 3.0 align and harness their people’s talents, energies, and wisdom to achieve a common vision and purpose, and can embrace change and disruption as opportunities for growth and transformation. 

When an organization spends a majority of time in Brain 1.0

  • ​People are so defensive that they cannot take in new information or learn from mistakes, and their performance plummets. 

  • Interactions among staff become toxic, employee engagement drops, turnover increases

  • Burn-out contributes to rising healthcare costs.

When an organization spends a majority of time in Brain 2.0

  • People take a short-term, transactional view of their jobs and jump ship for better pay.

  • Political siloes form as people, teams, and units wrestle for power and rewards.

  • Relentless stress and politics drive high burn-out rates and health problems.

When an organization spends a majority of time in Brain 3.0

  • People proactively develop and use their capacity for growth, learning, and collaboration,

  • People go above and beyond their job description to initiate projects that serve the organization’s greater vision and mission.

  • People are engaged, healthy, and thriving


How: What does the shift involve?

The Calm Clarity Leadership Program is an in-person experiential training workshop that shows people how to strengthen the neural networks of Brain 3.0 so they can be more resilient, effective, innovative, collaborative, and inspiring. Each module is about 2.5 to 3 hours long and the program is usually delivered as a two-day in-person training.

Part I:

The Science of Mind Training

Participants learn the key concepts of “Mind Training” through experiential exercises, interactive discussions, and reflection.

Module 1:
Boost Brain Functioning

We share insights from science to introduce the emotional states of the brain (Brain 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) and their impact on individual and team behaviors. We help you recognize your triggers and understand how you think, feel, and act differently in each state. We also introduce science-based techniques to activate and strengthen the neural circuits of Brain 3.0 that support you to be your best self.

Module 2:
The Voice in Your Head

We explain how prior conditioning and beliefs shape our stream-of-consciousness inner dialogue, experienced as a “mind-track,” and become aware of how it often sounds like an “Inner Critic” that beats down on us and other people or like an “Inner Sage” coaching and guiding us forward. We then activate Brain 3.0 to turn up the volume of the “Inner Sage” and disarm the “Inner Critic.”

Part II:

Presence and Positive Relationships

We build on the insights and skills gained in Part I to enhance presence and deepen connection in everyday life situations.

Module 3:
Minding Your Autopilot

We explain how the autopilot helps us to conserve energy by hard-wiring habits into our brains and how mindfulness enables us to observe and re-train the autopilot by bringing more of our habits and patterns into conscious awareness. We then apply mindfulness to activate Brain 3.0 and observe and break habits and patterns that no longer serve us.

Module 4:
Deepening Connection

We present research on relationships, communication, and empathy as we practice mindful listening and speaking to intentionally build empathic connections, genuinely open our minds and hearts to see and feel another person’s perspective, tune into our inner experiences with compassion, and express ourselves with authenticity.  

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Client Testimonials

“I am fully supportive of Calm Clarity and the many great things it can do in many different channels. We believe the construct is easily understandable, practical and intuitive."

—George Brooks, Americas Leader for Ernst & Young People Advisory Services

“My senior executives and I found Due’s mindful leadership training very inspirational. Her powerful personal story touched all of us, and her faithfulness to the science impressed a very tough crowd, including the past president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists."

—Robert Kreider, Retired President and CEO, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

“Calm Clarity gave our company a common language when talking about maintaining presence in our work and with ourselves and each other. We’re finding value in using what we’ve learned with Calm Clarity when thinking about big organizational questions like how do we help our staff grow and develop... It was definitely worth it!"

—John Silkey, Director,
Milepost Consulting

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