Manifesto Element #1: Vision, Purpose, and Intention

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Aligning your daily actions with your best self

by the Calm Clarity Team (Due Quach and Gina Scarpello), April 3, 2018

Introducing the Calm Clarity Manifesto

We are starting a new Brain Boosting Broadcast series to explain the twelve elements of the Calm Clarity Manifesto, which we use to guide the Calm Clarity team and which we also share with alumni. The manifesto is intended as a reminder of simple ways to activate and prime Brain 3.0 whenever we recognize that we are swept up in Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0. In this way, we foster Brain 3.0 in ourselves, in each other, and in the people and organizations with whom we interact. Bringing these elements into conscious awareness on a regular basis supports a more complete shift into Brain 3.0. Our intent is that by sharing the manifesto and exploring each of the twelve elements, this series of Brain Boosting Broadcasts can serve as a guide for you on your own journey to embodying the highest expression of yourself by shifting more and more into Brain 3.0.

Element #1: Vision, Purpose, and Intention

Every decision I make and every action I take is guided by my vision for my best self and connecting to a greater purpose. I take time to set intentions in meetings, interactions and communications to activate Brain 3.0.


  • A vision for our best selves and connecting with a greater purpose provides a “mental container” that guides our decisions and actions

  • Setting intentions activates Brain 3.0 enabling us to bring more wisdom and presence into meetings, interactions and communication

  • Activating Brain 3.0 reduces overwhelm (Brain 1.0) and distracted mind-wandering (Brain 2.0) and helps us bring a sense of calm, contentment, and joy into how we carry out our to-do list