Why I’m Grateful for Gratitude

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Reasons to harness the benefits of gratitude 365 days a year

By Due Quach, author and founder of Calm Clarity

When we spend most of our lives rushing from here to there maximizing productivity, we end up living in autopilot mode. In this state, it is so easy to take the people and positive things in our lives for granted. As we run around taking care of tasks and goals that we can then cross out on our checklists, we experience a type of tunnel-vision in which we literally don’t notice the beauty and wonder of the world around us or fully appreciate the many services that others do that benefit us. Fortunately, human beings have an easy built-in mechanism to come out of autopilot mode: GRATITUDE. In the Calm Clarity Program, we explain that our emotional states correspond to three archetypal patterns of brain activation which we call Brain 1.0, Brain 2.0, and Brain 3.0. Whichever pattern we are experiencing effects how we think, feel, and make decisions.

Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 are so strongly interconnected that they often function like two sides of one coin. For instance, when we don’t/can’t get the reward we want, we often feel threatened and spiral into Brain 1.0. It is common for people in Brain 1.0 to try to escape negative emotions by indulging in Brain 2.0 impulses for immediate gratification (stress eating, retail therapy, drinking, etc). Like most things in nature, the human brain evolved to be as energy efficient as possible, and will thus delegate most of our functions to autopilot mode. The basal ganglia is the structure of the brain that stores our habits and routines that we can do on autopilot without any conscious effort, and it also happens to be the key structure of Brain 2.0. What this means is that it’s much more energy efficient for us to spend our lives in Brain 1.0/Brain 2.0 and it takes conscious effort to intentionally shift into Brain 3.0. This is where gratitude makes an impact.

Gratitude is powerful because it is one of the easiest ways to activate Brain 3.0. Simply taking a moment to feel genuine gratitude and appreciation enables us to come out of mindless autopilot mode. Furthermore, genuine gratitude triggers biochemical cascades that calm the stress response, enhance heart health, and boost your immune system. The physiological benefits of gratitude are most likely linked to its impact on the oxytocin system. Oxytocin is widely known as the