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“No one will help you”: the conclusions of a young teacher who left school

How often do we admit to ourselves that we are tired? In an age where time is valued, when quickness determines whether you win or lose, people often face burnout. I worked at a regular school for less than six months. And she left. I could not become part of a system that follows a certain route. I left after one of the teachers, who supported me all this time and gave me advice, said that I was burned out and it was written on my face. I admitted that I see no reason to work with such a psychological attitude and decided to leave. She supported me. And she gave me advice that in order not to burn out, you need to set limits in self-development. It is important to take the time to do this, and thanks to Editius, now you can learn how to write quality work at home. Through this method, you can develop yourself and no longer burn out.

For some reason, senior teachers begin to notice you only after the news of your dismissal. This is understandable: they are well aware that all your workload will creep onto them, and the fifth grades are inconvenient for them. I don't like hypocrisy, so I was doubly uncomfortable the whole last week before leaving. Now I feel free and even happy, and that's why I looked at everything from a different angle. If you set aside time for yourself and use to improve your skills then there will be a result. As for the conclusions that I made: Children are the mirror of their parents I'm sorry for the children.At first, of course, I divided them (in my heart, of course) into those who I like - smart, with burning eyes - and the rest of the "gray mass". Of course, this approach is a little cruel. Now I hope that they will all develop and use for self-development and still show themselves. They were all interesting and unique. I am sorry that they have to study in such conditions: in a society that is currently undergoing changes (political and social), in a world that is under stress due to a pandemic. But maybe their generation will be stronger and bolder than we are?

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