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The e-business major is designed to help the student acquire theory, skills, and values associated with a business environment that has an increasing dependence on Internet technology. The focus of the curriculum is business with an emphasis in e-business. Completion of the BSB/EB can be used to enhance career growth or as a segue into accounting homework help a graduate program. In addition to the BSB business entry coursework, the e-business major includes coursework in economics, computers and information processing, financial analysis, business law, marketing, business information system development, project management, the Web, and e-business.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program is focused on the acquisition of theory and technical competencies associated with the information technology profession. The courses provide fundamental knowledge and application in both the information systems function and in system development. The curriculum is designed to produce graduates ready to function in information technology positions with the competencies, skills, and attitudes necessary for success in the workplace. The BSIT is the basis for career growth or the basis for a graduate program. The program/course objectives and competencies have been benchmarked against several external guidelines. The program has five main threads: Business Systems Development; Programming and Operating Systems; Databases; Networks and Telecommunications; and the Web.

The Masters of Information Systems/Management (MIS/M) program is focused on the acquisition of information technology theory and the application of theory and practice to pay to write paper real world business opportunities and challenges. The courses provide current theory and knowledge of essential information technology and the basis of business management. While courses examine a broad range of information technology resources, the courses emphasize the management of such resources in order to meet an organization's challenges and goals.

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