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If you are a university, a nonprofit organization or a school, there are many ways to collaborate with Calm Clarity to help low-income communities affected by toxic stress.



We would like to collaborate with you to expand the College Scholar Program to reach more low-income first-generation college students across the country.  


To do this cost-effectively, we are looking for university collaborators to host Calm Clarity Weekend Workshops. In return, 50% of the seats would be offered to low-income first-gen college students at your university and 10% to your guests. We would cover our staffing costs by selling at least 20% of the seats via public registration, and offer the remaining seats to low-income first-gen college students at other universities and to collaboration partners to create a positive impact on disadvantaged students in the surrounding community.

We are looking to collaborate with about 10 universities located in or near major cities across the country to host about 1 or 2 Calm Clarity Weekend Workshops in each geographic region annually. Ideally, the university should be within 1-hour driving distance from a major metropolitan area (population of 500,000 or more people)

Are you interested in collaborating?
Please contact us at to start a conversation.

Here’s how the model works:

  • University hosts Weekend Workshop, providing venue with capacity of at least 100 seats

  • University commits to providing food and printing for the workshop and travel & accomodation costs for facilitator(s).

  • Seats would be allocated as follows:

    • 60% to be distributed by the University: 

      • at least 50% of the total seats to be given to low-income and/or first-generation college students at the host university

      • remainder can be given by University to all other guests 

    • 40% to be distributed by Calm Clarity:

      • at least half (20% of total seats) to be sold via public registration to cover Calm Clarity expenses*

      • remainder may be offered to low-income first-generation college students at other universities and to collaboration partners 

Note: *A minimum of 20 tickets would have to be sold to make this collaboration sustainable.  A special discount can be arranged for the host university to share with alumni, faculty, students, and other affiliates.

University Testimonials

"I appreciated how accessible and understandable this program is to both people who are new to meditation and long-time practitioners in the way it explains the science behind what happens in our bodies when we engage in contemplative practices. The workshop offers time for individuals to name their own triggers and create a plan for practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives to move away from fear-based reactions and towards collaboration, creativity, empathy, and compassion. This program would be immensely helpful for staff and students to meet the reality of full schedules from a place which is centered and open." 

~Michelle Sherman, Campus Minister for Retreats and Post-Grad Service, Villanova University

"I work very closely with many of the students who were able to attend the [Calm Clarity] talk and workshop and can testify firsthand that they are dealing with incredible challenges in their home life and in their transition to college at an elite institution... Several students have already commented on how inspirational, informative and accessible [this experience] was.  I truly feel like the impact was real, deep and lasting for so many of the students, particularly those contending with challenging circumstances. I can honestly say that the opportunity to engage [with Calm Clarity] was life changing for several of the students."  

~Kelly Wilcox, Director, Office of Academic Resources and Associate Dean, Haverford College

"Due presented to a standing room only crowd at New York University...Her expertise is of value no matter your field or role. She was able to move people with her own personal story, convey the complex brain science behind her methods and enable people to experience the power of mindfulness. We see that our students are busier than ever these days, juggling academic, professional and personal commitments. The practices Due shared can be easily applied in any life – no matter how busy you are – to increase focus, reduce stress and achieve high performance."

~Bethany Godsoe, Associate Vice President, Student Leadership Initiatives, New York University

Nonprofits and Schools

Does your nonprofit organization or school serve low-income communities affected by toxic stress and trauma?​

Train your staff: Calm Clarity training can enable your staff to more effectively serve your beneficiaries and practice self-care to prevent burn-out.

Train your beneficiaries: Through our social impact initiatives, we aim to work with effective, like-minded organizations to develop and implement sustainable approaches to deliver Calm Clarity training to under-served communities.


Take Action

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