The Calm Clarity Manifesto:

12 Elements of Fostering Brain 3.0

This Manifesto serves as a daily guide for our team to foster Brain 3.0. 

We share it here to support you to foster Brain 3.0 in yourself and in the people and organizations with whom you interact. Bringing these elements into conscious awareness on a regular basis supports a more complete shift into Brain 3.0. 


Vision, Purpose,
and Intention

Every decision I make and every action I take is guided by my vision for my best self and connecting to a greater purpose. I take time to set intentions in meetings, interactions, and communications to activate Brain 3.0.


Integrity and Commitment

I commit to serving as a role model for Brain 3.0 by practicing what I preach and honoring my word. I refrain from over-promising and from manipulatively triggering Brain 1.0 or Brain 2.0.  


Openness, Curiousity, and Humility

Wisdom means acknowledging I don’t know everything, so whenever I encounter different perspectives or reach the edge of my comfort zone, rather than go on the offensive or defensive, I seek to learn and understand.


Appreciation and Gratitude

I savor positive experiences and appreciate and celebrate life. Whenever there are setbacks, I look for the positive in the negative. I am thankful for each and every person who helps me.  


Compassion and Forgiveness

I see every person as a human being and wish for the well-being of all. I aim to do no harm in my actions, words, and thoughts to anyone (including myself). If any harm is done, I forgive and/or seek forgiveness (including from myself) and then move on.  


Mindfulness and Authenticity

I continuously cultivate my capacity for metacognition, self-understanding, and self-acceptance so I can be more fully present, integrated and whole. I aim to shift my autopilot into Brain 3.0.   


Interdependence and Collaboration

Knowing that the whole world is interdependent and all humanity is inter-connected, I aim to create win-win outcomes in working together internally and externally. I do not take part in the exploitation of others or of myself.   


Flexibility, Creativity, and Innovation

Knowing that the world is dynamically evolving, I accept uncertainty and embrace change. I see challenges as opportunities for growth and invention and for letting go of inertia, resistance and arrogance.


Health, Energy, and Regeneration

Knowing that self-care is critical to sustaining Brain 3.0, I proactively nurture my well-being and do not let myself burn out. I regularly tune in to monitor my energy levels and build in activities to regenerate and rejuvenate. 


Advocacy and Moral Courage

I do not let fear or greed keep me from doing what I know in my heart is right. I stand up for my values and speak up when I see cause for concern, making my best effort to communicate in Brain 3.0 (rather than Brain 1.0 or Brain 2.0).


Self-Efficacy and Self-Actualization

I take ownership of my personal journey and my impact on others. I nurture my confidence in my capacity to grow, evolve, and make a positive impact on the world. I proactively ask for guidance from mentors and advisors and seek sources of wisdom, inspiration, and truth.    


Discipline and Self-Mastery

I commit to exercising Brain 3.0 on a daily basis to access my inner wisdom and master the triggers that bring me into Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0. When I encounter darkness, I look inside and shine light into my own shadow.