Community Healing & Peace Program

A neuroscience-based approach to building life skills to heal trauma, de-escalate conflict, and create positive change

The need for healing violence and trauma

Philadelphia Shooting Victims, 2016 - 2021

Many large cities, such as Philadelphia, are experiencing a dramatic surge in gun violence. 

Fatal shootings in Philadelphia jumped 95% from 2016 to 2021 while total shootings climbed 76% from 2016.

Overall, incidents of gun violence are higher in communities which also experience high rates of developmental trauma, defined as 4 or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). ACEs include violence, bullying, discrimination, abuse, neglect, living in foster care, and living with someone who was incarcerated or experienced addiction or mental illness. 


Philadelphia shooting victims by voting ward, 2021

“Philadelphia Trauma Map”


Percentage of Population with Four or More Adverse Childhood Experiences by Zipcode, 2013

Programs to address violence have to also acknowledge and heal the trauma and pain that people are experiencing.

Our communities need effective tools to address the sense of despair, hopelessness, helplessness, and anger that often underlie the eruption of violence.

The Calm Clarity Neuroscience-based Approach

Our Community Healing and Peace Program begins by helping participants understand the impact that their personal life experiences have on their brain by learning how they move between three patterns of brain activation.

  • Brain 1.0: Your threat system is on high-alert. You feel fearful, unsafe, powerless, and isolated. Over time, you lose hope and fall into despair.

  • Brain 2.0: Your dopamine system suppresses Brain 1.0 by chasing immediate gratification, money, status, or a false sense of comfort and control.

  • Brain 3.0: Your prefrontal cortex is able to calm Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 so you can embody your values, access your inner wisdom, realize your full potential, and create positive change.

The Program guides participants through 6 lessons to activate and strengthen the neural networks of Brain 3.0. This enables them to use Brain 3.0 to more effectively navigate challenges, own their journey, and uplift their families and communities.

  • Lesson 1. Your Brain Patterns: Learn how your brain patterns affect the way you feel, think, and act.

  • Lesson 2. Your Inner Storyteller: Step back from the stories tangling up your mind.

  • Lesson 3. Interacting in Brain 3.0: Bring your best self to your interactions.

  • Lesson 4. Connect to your Future Self: Use Brain 3.0 to see a positive vision of the future.

  • Lesson 5. Healing Brain 1.0: Compassionately process and release the past.

  • Lesson 6. Creating Change in Brain 3.0: Rise to challenges and make a positive impact using Brain 3.0 

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