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"I left the workshop a slightly different and better person than when I arrived…The work that you have done to merge the complex concepts of neuroscience with the often misunderstood and counter to much of our culture notion of mindfulness and meditation and package it in such an easy to understand way is truly impressive and commendable…it is an incredibly valuable investment of time and money, no matter the distance.

—Chris Noble, Director, Pipeline Innovation (Fortune 500 Company)

"I found that everything I was able to take in [from the workshop] was amazingly applicable. I’m totally engaged in the practice as a beginner and I’m already feeling the positive outcome. I am spreading the word to everyone I know from my immediate family to nurse professionals at my work place. Everyone needs to practice what is offered in Calm Clarity to restore their lives what is robbed by stress and high levels of cortisol."

—Marcia K, Registered Nurse

"I found the Calm Clarity workshop to be very rewarding and really effective in laying out a strong foundational blueprint for integrating both sides of my brain to improve my focus, relax my mind and body, and become better aligned with 'making things happen' in my world. I enthusiastically recommend this class (and the book by the same name) to anyone seeking clarity in their quest for a successful career and/or life."


—Jordan Anderson, Marketing Executive