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Maximize performance, enhance inclusion and collaboration, and thrive in a rapidly changing 21st century environment 

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The Calm Clarity Approach

We use neuroscience and mindfulness to support individuals and organizations to align with their mission and purpose, improve collaboration and innovation, and create positive impact in the world

A science-based methodology that creates immediate and lasting impact


Our trainings build upon our core framework which makes complex neuroscience intuitively accessible and enables participants to see how they and the people around them fluctuate between three patterns of brain activation:

Our trainings also provide interactive, experiential exercises that enable participants to sense visceral changes in their bodies as they activate Brain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Then we guide participants to build a personalized plan to strengthen Brain 3.0.


  • Brain 3.0 -  wise, creative, and compassionate

  • Brain 2.0 - reward-seeking, competitive, and egotistical

  • Brain 1.0 - fearful, close-minded, and defensive

Calm Clarity Training Offerings


This leadership development program supports people to rewire their brain to align and integrate their whole selves and tap into the wisdom, compassion, resilience, and strength that naturally arises when people stop disowning marginalized aspects of themselves.

Participants learn and practice tools to build authentic relationships with themselves, their colleagues, and community.


This training helps individuals and organizations recognize, address, and change limiting narratives and behaviors that undermine engagement and genuine inclusion and diversity.


Participants learn to use tools that help rewire their brain to be more inclusive and open to engaging with people who look and think differently from them.


Build a Brain 3.0 Organization

This engagement begins by assessing how the legacy systems, policies, processes, and beliefs of your organization may trigger and spread Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 in ways that undermine inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and performance. 

We guide your organization to co-create a culture and set of guidelines that support your staff to connect, collaborate, and innovate in Brain 3.0.  


Lead in Alignment and Wholeness

Using neuroscience and mindfulness


This unique leadership program skillfully integrates neuroscience and mindfulness to strengthen the neural networks that support people to be more effective, responsive, resilient, innovative, collaborative, and inspiring. Through the nine lessons of this training, participants learn and practice different techniques to align and integrate their whole selves.


Each lesson takes 1 hour. This full training program can be delivered as an offsite or as a weekly or monthly training series over a period of time.

Buy-1-Give-1+ Model

When you engage Calm Clarity, you are also supporting our collaborations with Community Partners to bring our high-quality training to low-income communities 

Level 1. Foundational Training: Rewire Your Brain Using Awareness

  • Lesson 1. Your Brain Patterns:
    Learn how your brain affects how you feel, think, and act.

  • Lesson 2. Your Triggers:
    Note what activates your Brain 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0.  

  • Lesson 3. Your Storyteller:
    Step back from the stories tangling up your mind.

Level 2. Intermediate Training: Transform into Your
Inner Sage

  • Lesson 4. Your Interactions:
    Interact and connect using Brain 3.0. 

  • Lesson 5. Your Future Self:
    Use Brain 3.0 to envision a positive future.

  • Lesson 6. Heal Brain 1.0:
    Compassionately process and release the past.

Level 3. Advanced Training:
Create Positive Change
in Brain 3.0

  • Lesson 7. Train Your Autopilot: Mindfully observe and rewire your habits.  

  • Lesson 8. Nurture Change in Others: Support connection, insight, and growth. 

  • Lesson 9. Widen Your Impact:  Expand your circles of control and influence.



“My senior executives and I found Due’s mindful leadership training very inspirational. Her powerful personal story touched all of us, and her faithfulness to the science impressed a very tough crowd, including the past president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists."  

—Robert Kreider, Retired President & CEO, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

"Engaging. Inspiring. These are just two words to describe Calm Clarity. Due taught us tools that can be used to unlock the brain and build resilience. A number of attendees even declared to have a reduction in stress immediately following the program!"

—Melissa Govette, Vice President, M&T Bank

“I am fully supportive of Calm Clarity and the many great things it can do in many different channels. We believe the construct is easily understandable, practical and intuitive."

—George Brooks, Americas Leader for Ernst & Young People Advisory Services


Deconstruct Unconscious Bias 

Using neuroscience and mindfulness


This interactive session sheds light on the neural mechanisms that underlie unconscious bias and  provides a mindfulness-based framework to deconstruct your biases. We will also show you how to activate neural pathways (in Brain 3.0) that enable you to more effectively engage  with people whose perspectives may be very different from your own.


This content can be offered as a high-level keynote presentation  or an in-depth half-day workshop.

This Calm Clarity training enables participants to:

Become aware of the neural mechanisms underlying bias.

  • Understand how the associative activation of neurons leads to the formation of unconscious bias.

  • Learn and sense how biases are marked by emotional valence and are associated with three patterns of brain activation.

  • Identify patterns for “universal” biases that are hard-wired into the human brain.

  • Understand the effects of dominant culture, stereotypes, social scripts, and intersectionality on career progression and how to apply neuroscience and mindfulness to address and neutralize these effects. 

Learn and practice the NOTE framework to navigate and  neutralize unconscious bias

  • Notice the subtle signs of bias arising by being aware of associations, emotional valence, and brain activation.

  • Open our minds with curiosity to explore how biases are hard-wired into our “autopilot,” often as life scripts.

  • Tune in to compassionately hold space to process charged emotions and calm amygdala hijacks triggered by past experiences of stigma, stereotyping, and shame.

  • Engage by activating neural pathways that enable us to embody our core values and respond with wisdom and compassion to create a more effective, genuinely inclusive, and collaborative path forward.


"Due Quach provides a compelling and thought-provoking approach that enables leaders and their teams to gain a better understanding of what is happening inside the mind. Her engaging manner and personal story grab a hold of you. The big takeaway is a framework that can easily lead to greater understanding and success in personal interactions."

—Bernard Dagenais, President & CEO, The  Main Line Chamber of Commerce

"Leaders often struggle with the concept of mindfulness. The Calm Clarity workshop on deconstructing unconscious bias really helps to make mindfulness more accessible in everyday life."  

—Regina Carr Tierney, Director, Education & Development, Main Line Health

"This workshop was a genuinely empowering and positive experience. Calm Clarity uses neuroscience and mindfulness to create an open space that enabled me to look at bias and life scripts in a way that did not trigger guilt, shame, and defensiveness."

—Michelle Sherman, Villanova
University Campus Ministry


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