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Lead in Alignment and Wholeness

Shift from mindlessness and worry to conscious presence.
Integrate and align your body, heart, mind, and soul.
Experience greater wisdom, fulfillment, and joy.
Co-create a world where every human being can thrive.

Alignment and wholeness means living in a state in which you feel centered and grounded, embody your values, access your inner wisdom and compassion, and harness your talents, skills, and energies to become the fullest expression of yourself. 


You can experience more and more alignment and wholeness by building the neural networks that integrate your brain and body. This also deepens your capacity to experience wisdom, fulfillment, joy, and many other qualities that enable you to rise to challenges, build meaningful relationships, and enrich your communities.

When we as human beings don’t feel aligned and whole, the feeling of “not being enough” can prompt us to mindlessly speak, think, and act from a place of insufficiency, insecurity, unworthiness, and scarcity. We can get stuck in negative patterns that impede our growth, performance, and relationships. Moreover, we can inadvertently spread these limiting patterns to the people around us at work and at home.

This interactive, experiential leadership program combines neuroscience, mindfulness, and leadership development to strengthen the neural networks that enable you to bring yourself into a state of alignment and wholeness. This is a critical leadership capacity because being aligned and whole enhances your capacity to be open, attuned, responsive, resourceful, resilient, curious, insightful, creative, innovative, collaborative, inclusive, and inspiring.


This program can be delivered through a series of 4-hour, two-hour, or one-hour sessions.
The sessions can be in-person or virtual.


We offer the Foundation Program to the public as a virtual workshop several times a year. Please see our calendar of events for the next workshop. 

Stages in the Journey of Transformation


  • Recognize your brain patterns, and how they impact your interactions, your effectiveness, and your well-being.

  • Strengthen 4 key neural networks that support alignment and wholeness: the Resilience System, Connection System, Attention System, and Meta-Awareness System.


  • Increase the alignment between your autopilot and your "Higher Self," the person you aspire to become and self-actualize.

  • Integrate your Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 so that they support, rather than detract from, the fulfillment of your greater purpose in life and serve as key elements of your inner GPS.

Conscious Co-Creation

  • Bring alignment and presence into your interactions by deepening your ability to attune to and connect with people and the present moment.

  • Envision and co-create systems, processes, organizations, and institutions that support collective thriving, prosperity, and well-being. 



"My senior executives and I found Due’s mindful leadership training very inspirational. Her powerful personal story touched all of us, and her faithfulness to the science impressed a very tough crowd, including the past president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists."

—Robert Kreider, Retired President & CEO, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

"Due Quach provides a compelling and thought-provoking approach that enables leaders and their teams to gain a better understanding of what is happening inside the mind. Her engaging manner and personal story grab a hold of you. The big takeaway is a framework that can easily lead to greater understanding and success in personal interactions."

—Bernard Dagenais, President & CEO,
The  Main Line Chamber of Commerce

"Engaging. Inspiring. These are just two words to describe Calm Clarity. Due taught us tools that can be used to unlock the brain and build resilience. A number of attendees even declared to have a reduction in stress immediately following the program!"

—Melissa Govette, Vice President, M&T Bank

Our "mind-hacking" approach to self-actualization

We define "mind-hacking" as using science to enhance the best qualities of being human by proactively steering brain development in a way that physiologically supports greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, alignment, and integration. 

The Calm Clarity framework makes it easy for you to use neuroscience and mindfulness to become the best version of you


Becoming aware of how we interact and impact each other in these 3 patterns of brain activation enables us to make conscious choices to live, connect, and collaborate in Brain 3.0 rather than mindlessly go about our lives in Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0.  

Take Action

Transform your organization

Please contact us at to discuss how to bring the benefits of Calm Clarity to your organization.


See our calendar of events for upcoming opportunities to experience the Foundation Program as a virtual workshop. 

Buy 1 Give 1+ Model

When you engage Calm Clarity, you are also supporting our non-profit programs to improve collective well-being and develop inclusive leaders.   

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