The Calm Clarity Framework

Our original framework makes complex neuroscience very easy to understand by showing how our emotional states correspond to 3 archetypal patterns of brain activation which effect how we see the world, think, and interact with people.

Meet the Emotional States of Your Brain

Brain 1.0


Brain 2.0

The Inner Teen-wolf

Brain 3.0

The Inner Sage

The "Inner Godzilla"

The neural circuitry of the threat and fight-or-flight system is strongly aroused, prompting people to act out of a primal state of fear and self-preservation.


It triggers an "Inner Godzilla" that reacts to stress by smashing things or withdrawing and shuts down blood flow to the higher brain.

  • You want to smash things or disappear

  • You are so upset, you don’t care how you impact others

  • You have brain fog and are closed to new experiences

Brain 2.0

Reward & Acquisition

The "Inner Teen Wolf"

The reward system is strongly aroused, prompting people to impulsively seek immediate gratification, social validation, and ego inflation.


It triggers an "Inner Teen Wolf" that competes for status and external rewards and cannot resist immediate gratification.

  • Your ego, urges, cravings, and addictions control you

  • You have tunnel vision and anxiety to get what you want ASAP

  • You treat people as objects or competitors

Brain 3.0

Well-Being & Mastery

The "Inner Sage"


The prefrontal cortex (executive functioning, wisdom, and compassion) is not hijacked by Brain 1.0 or Brain 2.0, so people can be their best selves.


It triggers an "Inner Sage" that helps us see the bigger picture, authentically connect with people, and embody the highest expression of who we are.

  • You live in alignment with your core values and aspirations

  • You can be wise, patient, kind, compassionate and generous

  • You can see a bigger picture and lift people up 

Brain 3.0 enables positive interactions and strong, healthy relationships

Self-mastery comes from learning how to shift from Brain 1.0 / 2.0 into Brain 3.0

Ready to shift? 

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