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Each set of Calm Clarity Cards contains 52 cards with inspiring quotes and reflection prompts designed to inspire and rewire your brain for a higher level of consciousness. 


Use the cards regularly to mindfully activate and strengthen the neural networks we refer to as "Brain 3.0," which enable wisdom, self-mastery, and connection in your personal and professional growth. 


Buy-1-Give-1-Plus Social Impact Model

100% of the profits from these card decks will be used for non-profit programs. Our goal is to sell 500 card decks to raise funds to share 500 card decks plus Calm Clarity training and tools with under-served college students as well as schools and non-profit organizations serving low-income communities. 



"I love the Calm Clarity Cards! Our team uses them in meetings, with each person getting one card and reading it out loud, and it really sets the tone for the meeting. I use them in the car just to take a few moments at a red light instead of picking up my phone. And I use them in the morning as part of my meditation. They are terrific and would make perfect gifts."  

—Tracy Davidson, Anchor, NBC10 News Philadelphia


“Calm Clarity Cards are helpful tools that I use as catalysts to reflect on my place in the world and on how I can act with greater understanding in it.” 

—Stew Friedman, organizational psychologist at Wharton & CEO of Total Leadership

Calm Clarity Cards Volume 1

SKU: 86002853802
  • We are selling these Calm Clarity Cards to raise funds for our non-profit programs. Therefore these purchases are non-refundable. If there are any quality issues with your deck, we will gladly send you another one. Many thanks for your support! 

Your purchase supports our social impact initiatives

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