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Calm Clarity builds mental health equity and socioeconomic inclusion through our non-profit initiatives.

Help us deliver high quality programs to under-served groups who would benefit most from learning effective tools to address and heal the effects of toxic stress and trauma.

Primary Non-Profit Programs

This course gives you FREE access to Calm Clarity's insights and tools to more effectively manage anxiety, stress, and adversity.

You can take it in the privacy of your own home at your own pace. 

PMPSP Image.jpg

This new program trains and empowers students from diverse backgrounds to improve the well-being and mental health of their campus and community.

Calm Clarity is collaborating with a team of students at Drexel University to design and build a scalable programming model.  

Community Healing

Calm Clarity is developing a neuroscience-based approach to building life skills to heal trauma, 
de-escalate conflict, and create positive change.

We are now looking to collaborate with organizations to pilot test the workshop and design and develop a train-the-trainer curriculum to share it with community organizations who are working to prevent violence, address trauma, and foster community healing. 

Calm Clarity programs are developed by Due Quach, a refugee from Vietnam whose family settled in north Philadelphia and experienced poverty, violence, racism, xenophobia, and PTSD.

As a first-generation college student, Due turned to neuroscience to create mind-hacking techniques to heal her brain. She graduated from Harvard College with honors and then worked in management consulting and private equity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to build social ventures.
Through Calm Clarity, Due develops community-centric solutions to address the challenges she faced growing up. Calm Clarity uses a lean impact approach to create prototypes and collaborate with members of the community to pilot test and refine them, and to build out scalable programs that make a deep and profound impact on the lives of participants.   


Support Calm Clarity's mission. Your gift will enable us to continue programs to freely share essential tools to help people navigate adversity and improve their lives


Help us build the Peer Mentoring & Support Program

This program empowers college students who are passionate about mental health to design and build a Peer Mentoring and Support Program on their campus. Through this initiative, we train college students from diverse backgrounds to facilitate and share Calm Clarity resources on calming anxiety with their classmates and communities. This unique leadership development platform guides student leaders to create student-centered programs that make a positive impact on their campus and community. 


As part of this program, we award the primary student leader(s) with a Fellowship. The Fellowship stipend helps cover some of their living and school expenses so they can invest time and energy to rally and recruit students, advocate for resources from school administrators, and build and oversee processes to launch and run the program on their campus. 
We are now raising funds to expand the Peer Mentoring & Support Program.  
Here’s how your donation will be put to work: 

  • $1,000 enables us to grant a Fellowship and build a Peer Mentoring & Support Program on a college campus for 1 month

  • $500 supports one month’s stipend for a Fellow to initiate and lead the Program on their college campus 

  • $250 supports a group of 10 students to learn how to calm anxiety with a Peer Mentor

  • $100 supports us to train and coach a student volunteer to serve as Peer Mentor and facilitate our anxiety course  

  • $50 supports the monthly costs of student outreach activities on a campus (tabling, info sessions, flyers, small giveaways)

  • $25 supports a Peer Support group session led by a Peer Mentor

Join our Circle of Champions

Our Circle of Champions help Calm Clarity realize our vision to improve collective well-being and mental health by strengthening and spreading Brain 3.0. Champions sustain our non-profit initiatives by making a recurring donation of $50 or more each month or $600 or more each year.


We acknowledge our Champions in their efforts to strengthen and spread Brain 3.0 in the following ways:

  • Invitations to semi-annual virtual gatherings for the Circle of Champions to meet each other, learn about Calm Clarity's progress, and brainstorm ideas for programming.

  • A deck of Calm Clarity Cards: use it to strengthen Brain 3.0 for yourself, your loved ones, and team. 

  • A 20% discount on Calm Clarity online courses and virtual workshops: we will start sharing the Calm Clarity Mindful Leadership program this year through virtual workshops. 

  • Ability to request autographed copies of the Calm Clarity book at cost plus shipping and handling. 

  • Plus more ways to come... 


To become a Calm Clarity Champion, simply make a recurring monthly donation of $50 or more or an annual donation of $600 or more.


Please reach out to us at with any questions. Thank you!

Give Today

To donate by check, please write & mail checks to:

Calm Clarity of CultureTrust

Attn: Trust Director
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320
Philadelphia, PA 19107

If you have any questions or would like to talk to our team, please email us at


If you are a nonprofit organization or educational institution, there are many ways to collaborate with Calm Clarity to help low-income communities affected by toxic stress.


Nonprofits and Schools

Does your nonprofit organization or school serve low-income communities affected by toxic stress and trauma?​

Train your staff: Calm Clarity training can enable your staff to more effectively serve your beneficiaries and practice self-care to prevent burn-out.

Train your students and constituents: Through our social impact initiatives, we aim to work with effective, like-minded organizations to develop and implement sustainable approaches to deliver Calm Clarity training to under-served communities.

Our workshops for high school students empowers them with insights and tools to navigate challenging situations ​and manage stress, anxiety, and negativity. 

This photo shows Due guiding the students at Liguori Academy in the Kensington section of Philadelphia through a mindful listening exercise to quiet the default mode network.


Our workshops for college students help them understand how to better take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically, and how to embody and express the highest version of who they can be. 

This photo shows Due explaining how the brain works at an intercollegiate talk for first-generation college students hosted by the University of Pennsylvania


"I appreciated how accessible and understandable this program is to both people who are new to meditation and long-time practitioners in the way it explains the science behind what happens in our bodies when we engage in contemplative practices. The workshop offers time for individuals to name their own triggers and create a plan for practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives to move away from fear-based reactions and towards collaboration, creativity, empathy, and compassion. This program would be immensely helpful for staff and students to meet the reality of full schedules from a place which is centered and open." 

~Michelle Sherman, Campus Minister for Retreats and Post-Grad Service, Villanova University

"I work very closely with many of the students who were able to attend the [Calm Clarity] talk and workshop and can testify firsthand that they are dealing with incredible challenges in their home life and in their transition to college at an elite institution... Several students have already commented on how inspirational, informative and accessible [this experience] was.  I truly feel like the impact was real, deep and lasting for so many of the students, particularly those contending with challenging circumstances. I can honestly say that the opportunity to engage [with Calm Clarity] was life changing for several of the students."  

~Kelly Wilcox, Director, Office of Academic Resources and Associate Dean, Haverford College

"Due presented to a standing room only crowd at New York University... Her expertise is of value no matter your field or role. She was able to move people with her own personal story, convey the complex brain science behind her methods and enable people to experience the power of mindfulness. We see that our students are busier than ever these days, juggling academic, professional and personal commitments. The practices Due shared can be easily applied in any life – no matter how busy you are – to increase focus, reduce stress and achieve high performance."

~Bethany Godsoe, Associate Vice President, Student Leadership Initiatives, New York University


Sponsor a Program

Become a Sponsor to bring Calm Clarity training to a school, non-profit organization, or community to improve well-being and mental health.  


Sponsor Calm Clarity to train an entire cohort of volunteers to support people facing adversity and financial hardship to shift into Brain 3.0

Sponsorship Levels

What your tax-deductible donation enables us to do


Sponsor a Calm Clarity collaboration with a school or nonprofit organization to train staff and students to calm anxiety


Sponsor a short-term Calm Clarity program on behalf of a school or non-profit organization serving low-income communities


Sponsor the monthly cost of one Peer Mentoring Program, empowering college students to improve well-being and mental health on their campus. 


Sponsor one month of a Calm Clarity Fellowship for a college student to lead and run a Peer Mentoring Program on their college campus 

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