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Manifesto Element #2: Integrity and Commitment

Aligning your daily actions with your best self

This is post is part of a series of Brain Boosting Broadcasts exploring the elements of the Calm Clarity Manifesto.

Element #2: Integrity and Commitment

"I commit to serving as a role model for Brain 3.0 by practicing what I preach and honoring my word. I refrain from overpromising and from manipulatively triggering Brain 1.0 or Brain 2.0."


  • Integrity is a state of being whole and undivided that arises when we are in Brain 3.0 and live in alignment with the core values and moral principles that matter most to us.

  • By choosing to express only what our Inner Sage says, we are more likely to activate Brain 3.0 in others (whereas, when we speak in Brain 2.0, we are more likely to over-promise or say things we don't mean to get what we want).

  • When we practice Integrity and Commitment, we are more present and share more of our authentic selves and inspire others to do so too. This enables more meaningful connection and genuine rapport to develop naturally.

Why Integrity and Commitment matter.

What does it mean to live with integrity? Integrity—a state of being whole and undivided—comes about by aligning our daily actions with the core values and moral principles that matter most to us. This state is possible only when Brain 3.0 is guiding and directing our thoughts, actions, and communications. We strengthen Brain 3.0 when we make the effort to be mindful to communicate and behave in a manner that is strongly aligned with our core values and moral principles rather than our fears and insecurities (Brain 1.0) and our urges and impulses (Brain 2.0). In practice, this involves listening to the voice in our head, and choosing to express only what the Inner Sage says while observing but refraining from verbalizing what the Inner Godzilla or Inner Teen Wolf may say (what they say triggers Brain 1.0 or 2.0 in others). Even when there may be a benefit to us when other people are in Brain 1.0 or Brain 2.0, we choose to express our Inner Sage to activate Brain 3.0 in others rather than over-promise or say things we don't mean to get what we want (that's Brain 2.0).

Integrity and Commitment in Real Life

A Personal Example: Networking Events

In the case of networking events, for many people, just thinking about meeting strangers can activate Brain 1.0, and bring up feelings of fear and overwhelm. In addition, the desire to make positive impressions or find business opportunities, activates Brain 2.0. These settings often prompt people to act in an inauthentic manner and say things in an exaggerated fashion to get people’s attention and admiration. Further, these states of brain activation are contagious and can unconsciously trigger Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 in the people we talk with, making it even more difficult to experience authentic and meaningful connections.

How I activate Brain 3.0 to bring mindfulness to networking events

1. Clarify my intention. Before I arrive at networking events, I remind myself of my core value and intention to make authentic and meaningful connections with people.

2. Get grounded and present. I take a few deep breaths and become aware of the sensations of being in my body by feeling my feet on the ground or, if I’m driving or sitting, my butt in the seat. This helps me to become more present and also turns on the parasympathetic system and helps increase blood flow to Brain 3.0. In this grounded, calm and present state, I can more easily tune into my Inner Sage, which reminds me of my commitment to express my highest qualities and bring out the best in others, which happens naturally only when I'm in Brain 3.0. 3. Prime my mind to hold the best intentions for the people I will meet. In addition to getting grounded in my body, I mentally say positive wishes in my mind to all the people at the event such as “May everyone be happy, may everyone be healthy, may everyone be safe, may everyone be peaceful, may everyone be prosperous, may everyone live in harmony.” This helps me to see each person's humanity and create heartfelt connections.

4. Consciously sustain being in Brain 3.0. Once I'm inside the actual event, I tune in to notice when my body or inner chatter signal that Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 are being triggered. As I sense this happening, I gently bring my awareness to my breathing and back to the sensation of being in my body to restore blood flow to Brain 3.0 and again say positive wishes for all the people at the event. When my Inner Godzilla or Inner Teen Wolf starts chattering, I allow for thoughtful moments of silence so I can hear and express my Inner Sage. By continuously activating Brain 3.0, I am more present and share more of my authentic self. This results in more meaningful conversations, a greater depth of connection and genuine rapport with the people I meet.

5. After the event, I mindfully follow up with people I enjoyed connecting with, with the intention to build mutually-beneficial and nourishing relationships.

Call to Action

Do an experiment: Explore what unfolds when you take time to role model Brain 3.0 by consciously choosing to activate Brain 3.0 in yourself and others through your daily actions and interactions. When you feel Brain 1.0 or Brain 2.0 get triggered, how can you gently realign yourself in Brain 3.0? What fruits does this practice yield in your life?


About the Calm Clarity Manifesto

The Manifesto is a daily guide for our team, and we share it to support you to foster Brain 3.0 in yourself and in the people and organizations with whom you interact. Learn more about the Manifesto here.


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