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We believe that Black lives more than matter. Black lives are sacred. Black lives are precious. Black lives must be nurtured, valued, protected, and safeguarded.  

We welcome, support, and align with the re-imagining and re-designing of social institutions and systems to have these tenets infused into their core.

This article shares our thoughts on "How to Help Co-Create an End to Racial Injustice.

To promote Mental Health Equity, we are now sharing a free online course: "A Mind-Hacker's Toolkit to Calm Anxiety." 

We also created this compilation of Inclusive Mental Health Resources to help people find support for trauma related to oppression and injustice. 

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Calm Clarity is not just a powerful story of transformation, it is an enthralling tour of the latest research on brain science, complete with actionable takeaways to radically transform the way you think, feel, and live.


What is Mind-hacking?

We define it as using science to enhance the best qualities of being human by proactively steering brain development in a way that physiologically supports greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, alignment, and integration. 

Shift into Brain 3.0

From Science to Practice

The Calm Clarity Framework makes complex neuroscience easy to understand by explaining how people fluctuate between three patterns of brain activation that affect how we think, feel, and act:

Our interactive approach involves experiential exercises that enable participants to sense visceral changes in their bodies as they activate Brain 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0. We then guide participants to build a personalized daily routine to strengthen Brain 3.0.

Get inspired to be the highest expression of yourself

Due Quach

(Pronounced Zway Kwok)

From a traumatized refugee to an American immigrant success story to a pioneering social entrepreneur, Due’s unique journey shows how genuine transformation is possible and accessible by strengthening Brain 3.0 using her innovative approach to mind-hacking.  

Through Calm Clarity, Due shares her powerful distillation of modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom with diverse audiences, including senior leaders, professionals, educators, workforce development programs, first-generation college students, and inner city teens.

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"Due presented to a standing room only crowd at New York University. The practices she shared can be easily applied in any life – no matter how busy you are – to increase focus, reduce stress and achieve high performance."

Bethany Godsoe, Associate Vice President, New York University

"The work that you have done to merge the complex concepts of neuroscience with mindfulness and meditation and package it in such an easy to understand way is truly impressive and commendable…it is an incredibly valuable investment of time and money, no matter the distance."

—Chris Noble, Director, Pipeline Innovation (Fortune 500 Company)

"I have personally witnessed the program transform a room full of skeptical individuals into believers. The key, in my view, is layering neuroscience on top of the meditation. By answering the “why,” the program allows people to more easily embrace the meditation exercises, greatly enhancing their effectiveness."

Brett Topche, Managing Director, MentorTech Ventures

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Help us deliver high quality leadership training to under-served groups who would benefit most from receiving proven effective tools to break the transmission of toxic stress and trauma.


Please support our social impact initiatives to provide Calm Clarity training to low-income first-generation college students, workforce development programs, and schools and non-profits serving low-income communities. 

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The Portal

The Portal is a beautiful, immersive documentary and book featuring the inspiring journey of six people (including Calm Clarity author & founder Due Quach) who use meditation to transform trauma and shift to a higher level of consciousness. 

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