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We improve collective well-being and develop inclusive leaders.
We work to close disparities and create a world where all human beings and communities thrive together.

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A Mindhacker's
Toolkit to

Calm Anxiety

10 techniques to soothe an anxious brain

We are offering this course free to address disparities in access to mental health resources and training. 

Our innovative programs combine neuroscience and mindfulness to help individuals, organizations, and communities build necessary skills to create change.

Community Healing and Peace Project


A neuroscience-based approach to building life skills to heal trauma, de-escalate conflict, and create positive change.

A Mind-Hacker's Toolkit to Calm Anxiety Online Course


Learn 10 neuroscience-based techniques to rewire and soothe an anxious brain so you can effectively manage stress and adversity.

Upcoming Events

  • Insights from Science for Addressing Trauma and Marginalization
    Feb 08, 7:00 PM – Feb 09, 9:00 PM
    Virtual Seminar on Zoom
    We are now looking to recruit professionals who serve and support groups experiencing trauma and marginalization to participate as volunteers to create a video for this seminar using Zoom
  • Calm Clarity Intro Workshop - Spring 2023
    Mar 25, 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM EDT
    Virtual Workshop
    Lead in Alignment & Wholeness Using Neuroscience and Mindfulness - Lessons 1 and 2

About Calm Clarity and Due Quach

  • Due’s journey as a traumatized refugee in inner-city Philadelphia carving a path through Harvard, Wharton, and the business world to become an American success story shows how genuine healing and transformation is possible using her tools to strengthen Brain 3.0 and heal Brain 1.0 / Brain 2.0.

  • She created Calm Clarity in 2013 to improve collective well-being by making her original “mind-hacking” techniques accessible to disadvantaged communities.

  • Calm Clarity has trained inner-city high school students, first-generation college students, people in workforce development programs, as well as professionals and senior leaders, to strengthen Brain 3.0 to develop inclusive leadership, address unconscious bias, heal trauma, and transform their lives and communities.


Calm Clarity is not just a powerful story of transformation, it is an enthralling tour of the latest research on brain science, complete with actionable takeaways to radically transform the way you think, feel, and live.


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